up-cycling ugly ornaments

Once upon a time, I bought some really ugly ornaments. Let’s just say that my style and taste have changed in the past few years and so this year, it was time for a new look. However, I couldn’t fathom going out and spending a bunch of money on all new ornaments so I came up with a quick plan to up-cycle our old ornaments on a dime!

ornaments before
This is what I was working with. (I went through a phase where all of my ornaments were hot pink, purple and a bright blue!)

I had some yarn remnants on hand (tip:  ALWAYS keep any amount of leftover yarn that you have! It’s great for gift wrap instead of ribbon, tag ties, etc.) so I got them out and decided on a color scheme based on what I had. I decided to go for more natural, softer tones.


I plugged in my hot glue gun, and then just started wrapping, and adding little spots of glue every few times around to make sure that it was secure. There wasn’t much strategy to this because I wanted each ornament to look like a hanging ball of yarn on the tree so I just wrapped and wrapped!

The finished product!

Each one came out so cute and was the perfect addition to our first ever real tree! The best part is that I didn’t spend a dime!

ornaments after

Another little diy, simple and cost friendly Christmas décor tip:  Use the branches that you cut off from the bottom of your tree to decorate the rest of your house! I got out all different vases and containers and filled them with the loose branches. It’s adds such warmth to your home and it’s FREE!

I hope that these tips and ideas were helpful! So as you put away your ornaments after Christmas this season, don’t throw away any of the old ones that you don’t like anymore…up-cycle them for a whole new look!

Merry Christmas!!

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